Thank you for your letter concerning reform of the unemployment insurance and employment services (UI/ES) programs. We greatly appreciate your interest and commitment to these future reform efforts. Indeed, your participation and leadership in reform has been and continue to be vital to our success.
Elaine L. Chao
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We rely on UWC to provide us with advance notice of legislative initiatives involving unemployment compensation — the UWC allows us to take a look over the edge of the horizon on federal and state legislative issues. Staying ahead of legislative issues is a great value for all employers.
Neil Mac Vicar
Sr. Director/Unemployment Comp. Program
Michigan Health & Hospital Association

I have been a member of UWC for more than 10 years. I have found that UWC provides information vital to the day to day operations of my office, coordinating unemployment claims and tax issues for a major corporation. It also allows the interests of my company, along with other members, to be heard in Congress. Without UWC these interests would not get heard due to the specialized cost field we work in. Expert information is provided to my corporation’s lobbyists in a joint effort to reduce unemployment tax costs. UWC is the tool of the business community in dealing with issues relating to unemployment taxes and compensation at the state and national level that would not otherwise be dealt with until the costs are too far gone. UWC was and continues to be the lid on this bubbling kettle of business costs, unemployment taxes.
Hal Meyer
SUI Claims Manager
ADP TotalSource

UWC assists the Ford Motor Company achieve its goal to control labor costs while insuring our employees in the U.S. have the income security intended by the federal/state unemployment insurance programs. UWC does this by monitoring and analyzing proposed legislative and regulatory changes, developing employer responses to such legislative and regulatory actions, providing technical expertise, educational programs, and opportunities to develop networking relationships with other unemployment insurance professionals.
Lee Mezza

Thank you for your on-going emails and updates. We have found your service to be very beneficial and candidly, the cheapest $$$ for the greatest return we have spent in years. Thanks again for a great service.
Craig Allred
Employer Solutions Group (ESG)