Past award recipients include:

Father Becker Award

This award is named for the late Father Joseph Becker, a pioneer and scholar in the development of the Unemployment Insurance system. The award is given to an individual who has made major contributions to unemployment insurance research.

  • 2023 Phillip Hayes, Vice President, The Arnold Group
  • 2019 Joe Vitale (ITSC Director, New Jersey IT Director)
  • 2016 Dr. James Van Erden
  • 2007 Ron Wilus (USDOL Supervisor of Actuarial and Financial Services)
  • 2005 Wayne Vroman (The Urban Institute)

UWC Outstanding Contribution Award

This award is given to a UWC member or researcher for outstanding contributions to UWC or the National Foundation for Unemployment Compensation and Workers’ Compensation.

  • 2022 Jennifer Howell (Director of Unemployment and Drug Screening, Staffmark)
  • 2020 Melissa Bird (Lead-Unemployment Payroll Tax Analyst, Lumen)
  • 2013 John Sharkey (SIDES Director and US DOL Official)
  • 2012 Chuck Howarth,(Retired VP, California Association of Hospitals & Health Systems)
  • 2008 Hal Meyer (UI Manager, Georgia Pacific and ADP)
  • 2008 Larry Temple (Executive Director, Texas Workforce Commission)
  • 2007 Oregon Employer Council
  • 2004 Norm Raffaell (UI Manager, Weyerhaeuser)
  • 2003 George Bradford and John Davidson (VP of USX and UI Manager/Legal Counsel for Chrysler)

J. Eldred Hill, Jr., Award

This award is named after J. Eldred Hill, Jr., former president of UWC (then UBA), and is given to an individual for excellence in the public policy arena in service to the employer community.

  • 2023 Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds
  • 2023 Ohio Senator Bob D. Hackett and Representative Mark D. Fraizer
  • 2023 Mario Poretto, President, First Nonprofit
  • 2022 Richard Seigel, (President, Unemployment Tax Management Corporation (UTMC) and Association of Unemployment Tax Organizations (AUTO)
  • 2022 Anthonio (Tony) Fiore, Kegler, Brown, Hill + Ritter
  • 2021 Indiana State Senator Phil Boots
  • 2019 Larry Temple, Executive Director, Texas Workforce Commission
  • 2018 Gay Gilbert (Administrator, US DOL Office of Unemployment Insurance)
  • 2018 William T. (Tommy) Simmons (Texas Workforce Commission)
  • 2017 Matt Harvill, (Kelly Services)
  • 2016 Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts
  • 2016 Indiana State Representative Dan Leonard
  • 2014 Dr. Richard A. Hobbie (NASWA, US DOL, House of Representatives)
  • 2011 Cheryl Atkinson (US DOL and NASWA)
  • 2010 Chuck Yarbrough (HR Manager, Tyson)
  • 2009 Dale Tuvey (Executive Director, Washington State Hospital UI)
  • 2009 Michael Thurmond (Director, Georgia Employment Security Agency)
  • 2008 Lori Roberts (TALX)
  • 2007 Ray Gonzalez (HR Manager, Boeing)
  • 2006 Pete Isberg (ADP)
  • 2006 Edward O. Roberts (Indiana Manufacturers Association)

UI Integrity Award

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated commitment to preserving the integrity of the unemployment system.

  • 2023 Jerry Pectol, Director, State Information Data Exchange System
  • 2022 Charles Aull, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • 2021 Reginia c. Ashley, UI Director, Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  • 2020 Pennsylvania State Senator John Gordner
  • 2020 Joshua Richardson, Chief of Staff, Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  • 2019 Tom Byerly (SIDES and Oregon UI Director)
  • 2018 Joseph Mueller (Illinois Department of Employment Security)
  • 2017 Dale Ziegler (On Point Technology)
  • 2017 Linda Townzen, (Wal-Mart)
  • 2017 The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions Improper Payment Prevention Initiative (IPPI) Team
  • 2016 Michael Lorsbach (On Point Technology)
  • 2015 Brett Flachsbarth (Kansas Department of Labor)
  • 2015 Bradford Ward (Texas Workforce Commission)
  • 2014 Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey
  • 2013 Julia Hearthway (Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry)
  • 2013 North Carolina State Representative Julia Howard
  • 2013 North Carolina State Senator Bob Rucho
  • 2012 Matt Weidinger, (House Ways and Means, Human Resources Subcommittee Staff Director)
  • 2012 Steve Arwood, (Michigan UI Director)
  • 2011 Kristen Cox (Director, Utah Workforce Agency)
  • 2011 Mark Perlberg (Oasis Outplacement)
  • 2010 Larry Temple (Texas Workforce Commission)
  • 2009 Governor Haley Barbour (Governor of Mississippi)
  • 2009 Jerry Hildebrand (USDOL staff who Supervised UI legislative Reviews)
  • 2008 Matt Harvill & Carl Camden (UWC Chair and VP for UI for Kelly Services; CEO of Kelly Services)
  • 2007 Phyllis Kennedy, James Webb, & Steve Horton (Alabama Director and Senior Deputies of Alabama Workforce Agency)
  • 2006 Kathryn A. Moore (Chief of Integrity for State of Washington UI agency)