The National Foundation publishes this Bulletin as an annual “report card” on the financial condition and related performance indicators for state unemployment insurance (UI) programs. This issue of the Bulletin analyzes the fiscal status and solvency of state unemployment insurance systems from 2009 – 2018, although unemployment data is also provided for 2019.

This edition of the Bulletin unfortunately does not include a measure of socialized costs. Those costs for many years were reflected in an Experience Rating Index (ERI) developed by the Department of Labor (DOL). DOL replaced the ERI in 2015 with a new and more accurate measure of socialized costs, the One Year Marginal Tax Cost of Additional Layoffs. DOL discontinued that measure because they decided it was too confusing. DOL hopes to publish a simpler version of the measure in the near future.

The data for the Bulletin are provided by DOL and state UI agencies. Data continue to indicate that the economy is continuing to recover from the 2008 – 2009 recession.