On October 17, 2023, Congressman Chuck Edwards (R-NC) introduced the Unemployment Integrity Act of 2023.

The bill would make important improvements to connect unemployed workers with jobs and in filling staffing needs for employers. The bill adds a federal requirement of state administrative funding that state UI law require as a condition of eligibility for regular compensation for any week, that a claimant must, if requested, in relation to work that may be available—

(A) respond to requests

(B) schedule and attend an interview and participate in reemployment services at an agreed upon time; and

(C) comply with any other reasonable request, including any request that an individual undergo drug testing or skill assessments.

Employers in many industries continue to experience difficulties in recruiting workers. These new requirements will encourage claimants to actively search for work, take advantage of reemployment services, and to be available for work opportunities.

The bill would also require the establishment of a method by which a person with whom a claimant is seeking employment may voluntarily report to the State the failure of the claimant to respond to requests, attend interviews and participate in reemployment services.

We expect that this bill will receive broad support and consideration for enactment by the House of Representatives.

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