The American Rescue Plan Act passed the US House of Representatives March 10, 2021. President Biden is expected to sign the Act into law.

Attached is the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 as it passed the House and is scheduled to be signed by President Biden.

The text is posted at, click on H.R. 1319, then on “Text,” and use the version titled, “Engrossed Amendment Senate.”

The Act includes may UI related provisions. (See pages 290 to 299 in the attached pdf of the bill). Items for which UWC advocated that were included in the final bill included 1) extension of federal funding of the first week of regular unemployment compensation; 2) extension of the waiver of interest on outstanding loans to states to pay unemployment compensation; 3) extension of the 100% federal reimbursement of regular extended unemployment benefits; 4) additional funding for systems and to address fraud; and 5) extension and increase in federal reimbursement credits to reimbursing employer accounts.

The language increases the federal reimbursement amount from 50% of charges to 75% of charges to reimbursing employers for weeks beginning after March 31, 2021 through the week ending prior to September 6, 2021. We continue to advocate for 100% reimbursement. The language also authorizes new funding for administration to address fraud and systems of $2 billion.

This final bill reduced the Pandemic Unemployment Compensation supplement from $400 to $300 per week and made the other changes relating to the taxation of unemployment compensation.

Note: the bill does not provide a specific distribution to state UI trust funds, however, states  are provided with large allocations of funds that may be used to address the costs of the Pandemic which we believe should include improving state UI trust fund solvency that was impacted by COVID related  claims. We are in the process of verifying the amounts available to states and the purposes for which these funds may be used. The provisions defining the permissible use of general coronavirus relief funds are contained in Section 9901 of the Act on page 569. Advocacy efforts to use these funds to improve UI state trust funds will move to the states.

A list of the primary UI related provisions includes

Subtitle ACrisis Support for Unemployed Workers


Sec. 9011. Extension of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.

Sec. 9012. Extension of emergency unemployment relief for governmental entities

and nonprofit organizations.

Sec. 9013. Extension of Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation.

Sec. 9014. Extension of full Federal funding of the first week of compensable regular

unemployment for States with no waiting week.

Sec. 9015. Extension of emergency State staffing flexibility.

Sec. 9016. Extension of pandemic emergency unemployment compensation.

Sec. 9017. Extension of temporary financing of short-time compensation payments

in States with programs in law.

Sec. 9018. Extension of temporary financing of short-time compensation agreements

for States without programs in law.


Sec. 9021. Extension of temporary assistance for States with advances.

Sec. 9022. Extension of full Federal funding of extended unemployment compensation.



Sec. 9031. Funding for administration.

Sec. 9032. Funding for fraud prevention, equitable access, and timely payment

to eligible workers.