US House Passes Resolution to Disallow US DOL Drug Testing Regulations That Limit Agency Testing

The US House of Representatives on February 15, 2017 passed a resolution disallowing US DOL adopted regulations that limited drug testing of UI claimants.
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Attached is House Ways and Means background document on the Congressional Review Act and this issue. The House leadership believes that the Department of Labor did not respect Congressional intent in implementing this provision of federal law, and its resulting regulation should be disallowed.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady issued a statement after the House approved the resolution of disallowance. See below

“The American people are sick and tired of unaccountable federal bureaucrats abusing their authority to undercut the will of Congress and the American people. This legislation places a check on blatant executive overreach that all but prohibits states from implementing important reforms to help qualified unemployed workers in their quest to find a new job.”

>> WATCH: Chairman Brady’s floor speech

UWC submitted comments about the rules as initially filed raising concerns that the rules were more restrictive than the federal statute. Rules as finally adopted in 2016 made some modifications but remained very limiting to states interested in implementing drug testing.

The House vote to disapprove was 236 to 189.The White House has indicated that the President would sign the disallowance if it were presented to him.

We are tracking progress of this in the Senate.